EcoSummit 2023

Driving Sustainable Impact: SEED Ventures’ ‘EcoSummit’ Sparks Change with Innovative Platform ‘What’s the Alternative?

SEED Ventures inaugurated their sustainability platform ‘What’s the Alternative’ today. EcoSummit – the inaugural event for ‘What’s the Alternative,’ was delivered in collaboration with the Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce & Industry (OICCI). The summit aimed to engage industry leaders and understand the innovative and alternative practices organizations employ towards environmental sustainability.

The event commenced with an inaugural speech delivered by Amir Paracha, President OICCI and Chairman and CEO of Unilever Pakistan Ltd. “In Pakistan, a significant 60% of the population indicates a willingness to pay a premium for sustainably produced products, while 51% recognize the reality of climate change and express concern over its palpable repercussions. These sentiments underscore a wealth of indigenous examples of organizations leveraging innovative practices to embrace sustainability. To elevate these efforts, it’s crucial we amplify the discourse around such alternatives. This will not only shine a light on the impressive work underway but also position Pakistan prominently on the global sustainability map. The key to progress lies in a fundamental shift in mindset and behavior. Armed with this perspective, I am confident we will uncover viable and sustainable alternatives.” said Paracha in his compelling address. Subsequently, the Chief Guest, Khalid Mahmood, MD, and CEO of Getz Pharma, engaged in a captivating fireside chat moderated by Zarrar Khuhro. “Policymakers have an important role to play when it comes to sustainability. We cannot stop environmental damage in Pakistan without strong policy implementation. Where systemic shifts are required, we all need to assume responsibility for our individual actions contributing to the problem, and develop a mindset to employ less harmful alternatives in our lives,” said Mahmood in his conversation.

Addressing the imperative need for widespread accessibility to sustainable practices, particularly in Pakistan, Shaista Ayesha, the CEO of SEED Ventures said, “We aspire for ‘What’s the Alternative’ to become a beacon for industry voices. We want it to be a space where practices of sustainability and new methods that reduce harm across the platform’s three fundamental pillars—environment, wellness, and lifestyle—are discussed and shared.”

‘EcoSummit’ hosted two thought-provoking panel discussions that focused on crucial sustainability topics. The first panel, “Industry Innovation and Infrastructure for a Sustainable Future,” delved into innovative approaches to industry practices and infrastructure that contribute to a sustainable future. Esteemed panelists, including Tahir Mirza, Director of the Quality Operations Division at Hamdard Laboratories, and Danish Iqbal, Chairman of Metro Power Group and Gul Ahmed Energy Group, shared their valuable expertise and insights on sustainable industry practices.

Another enlightening panel discussion ensued. The second panel, “Responsible Consumption and Production,” explored the vital importance of responsible consumption habits and sustainable production processes. Panelists Ziad Bashir, Board Member of Gul Ahmed Textile Mills; Raza Pir Bhai, CEO of KFC Pakistan; and Shaista Ayesha, CEO of SEED Ventures, shared their perspectives and experiences, shedding light on the significance of responsible consumption and production in driving sustainability forward. “There is a significant cost to sustainability that we at KFC bear, but we accept this due to our unwavering commitment to the quality of food our customers consume. This is our pledge to our customers and to our planet,” said Raza Pirbhai.

‘EcoSummit’ was a truly transformative event that facilitated collaboration, and knowledge sharing, and ignited inspiration for action towards a sustainable future. Participants departed the event equipped with invaluable insights, practical solutions, and a renewed dedication to making sustainable choices in their personal and professional lives.

What’s the Alternative: Every small choice counts, and together, we can make a difference.